August 27, 2016 Wall Township, NJ: Matt Janisch of Nazareth, Pa parked his Yuhas Chassis 48 in Victory Lane at Wall Stadium Speedway on Saturday night after wrestling the lead from mid race leader Geoffrey Sutton who won the first heat race with Flying Ryan Tidman winning the second. Next up for the ATQMRA is a trip to Mahoning Valley Speedway on Saturday September 10th for the penultimate point's race of the season for some winged racing. The final round of the Points paying season will be back at Wall on September 17th.
The ATQMRA honored the Memory of Bryan Clauson during the organization's four abreast parade lap using the missing man formation leaving the pole position empty. The ATQMRA teams sported Black and Green BC decals.  
The start of the feature race saw an all Proctor front row with Chris Hirt and Tim Proctor on the outside in team cars. The start of the race saw the cars pile up entering the first turn. Hirt spun to a stop at the bottom of the track with seventh starting Geoffrey Sutton sliding to a halt to avoid hitting Hirt. 2015 ATQMRA Rookie of the year Mike Glaser was collected in the melee and lost the left front suspension on his F8 mount.
A complete restart with the involved cars being relegated to the rear saw Joey Bailey jump into the lead. Bailey led until lap five when the always fast Flying Ryan Tidman took the lead. In the mean time eighth starting Janisch was methodically working his way toward the front. Sutton who restarted in the rear as a result of the lap one incident aggressively worked his way back to be scored in the lead on lap 8 and would assume the lead from Tidman on lap 12. Current Point leader Janisch moved into second on lap fifteen and set his sights on Sutton.
A late race restart put Janisch right on Sutton's bumper and gave him the opportunity to make the race winning pass on lap 19 as Suttons brakes began to fade. Janisch would roll across the line 1.077 seconds ahead of Sutton with Tidman crossing the line third. Tidman would be awarded the second finishing position after Sutton was assessed a two position penalty for leaving too much of a gap on a late race restart. Invading Bobby Holmes who is a regular with the NYMPA TQ organization in western New York was impressive in his first race on Wall's flat inner oval finishing on the podium. Sutton was credited with a fourth place finish with Joey Bailey rolling across the line in fifth.
Heat Races were won by Geoffrey Sutton and Ryan Tidman.
The Penultimate round for the ATQMRA will take place Saturday September 10th at Lehighton's Mahoning Valley Speedway where the TQs will once again sport wings. The end of the Points paying season will come the following week at Wall on the 17th where the 2016 ATQMRA Champion and Rookie of the year will be crowned. Matt Janisch sits atop the standings with a commanding lead with only Sutton and Tidman within practical striking distance. Rookie of the Year Candidate Mark Yoder sits fifth in the overall standings and is in solid command in the Rookie season long race.  

ATQMRA News and Notes: The always front running Jeff Kot was involved in a wreck in his heat race damaging the left front suspension. Kot's Behrents Performance team of Willy Mills, Bill and Sean Case were able to make hasty repairs to make the feature lineup but struggled in the feature to a ninth place finish. Track Promoter Diane Krause went around the pits Saturday handing out frozen ice pops to cool teams off on the hot day at the races.  Mike Tidaback made his return to competition in the Ken Hentrich 57 car.  This was Tidaback's first start in the Hentrich car and his first start on Wall's inner oval.  The team improved as the day went on and had a twelfth place finish in the final tally.
Feature 25 Laps
1 48Matt Janisch 2 1bRyan Tidman 3 21Bobby Holmes 4 461Geoffrey Sutton 5 02Joey Bailey 6 27Mark Rogers 7 75Mark Yoder 8 11Steve Whitt 9 95Jeff Kot 10 17BJMcDonald 11 98Tim Proctor 12 57Mike Tidaback 13 97Chris Hirt 16Buddy Sload 15 f8Mike Glaser DNS 16 46 Kerry Irwin   DNS 17 01 Kyle Taraska DNS 18 27 Andrew Krause
Heat Race 1:    1 461Geoffrey Sutton 2 75Mark Yoder 3 98Tim Proctor 4 27Mark Rogers 5 57MikeTidaback 6 97Chris Hirt 7 11Steve Whitt 8 95Jeff Kot
Heat Race 21 1bRyan Tidman 2 48Matt janisch 3 02Joey Bailey 4 16Buddy Sload 5 21Bobby Holmes 6 17BJ McDonald 7 f8Mike Glaser 8 46Kerry Irwin DNS 9 01 Kyle Taraska