The ATQMRA has been very fortunate to have an amazing series sponsorship with Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic through the year 2022 and the strength of their support for the past decade. We thank them for being a huge part of our series, delivering a great product that really allows the TQ Midgets to showcase their speed and maneuverability.

Our associate sponsors have shown tremendous support and we thank them for their contributions to the ATQMRA. Please visit our sponsor's sites below. 


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Through a relationship that has spanned for over a decade, the ATQMRA has raced Hoosier Racing tires all across the Northeast. The ever growing partnership will continue for 2018 and beyond as the ATQMRA and Hoosier Mid-Atlantic have agreed to a five year extension, granting Hoosier Mid-Atlantic to continue as the title sponsor for the series.

Through the agreement, Hoosier Mid-Atlantic will continue to fund multiple season championship awards throughout the season as well as be the sole supplier of both 10” and 13” racing slicks for the ATQMRA.



VP Racing Fuels is proud to be the Fuel of Choice among champions. VP is and always has been dedicated to racing and we’ll continue striving to support the ATQMRA and their members, along with the motorsports industry as a whole.


Beginning in 2018, the Hoosier Mid Atlantic American Three Quarter Midget Association powered by VP will have a new media outlet broadcasting results and information about our series.

The RPM Podcast, established in 2015, is a leading motorsports broadcasting provider within the podcasting industry. Whether it be about your local short track, the national levels of NASCAR or everywhere else in between, the RPM Podcast covers it all on a weekly basis engaging fans all along the way.

Per this new agreement, for the entirety of the 2018 Hoosier Mid Atlantic ATQMRA season the series will have a featured designated segment on the podcast during weeks revolving around our 2018 racing schedule. Included within these segments will be race event previews and results, driver interviews and much more.


Starting with the 2018 season DMI and Bulldog(Diversified Machine Inc) joined the Hoosier Mid Atlantic Three Quarter Midget Association as a contingency sponsor.

DMI and Bulldog are the racing component lines of Diversified Machine Inc. Started in 1991, Diversified Machine is owned by Jim and Tammy Haines. They started in a modest two car garage in Lancaster, PA. In just a few short years, a 4000 sq/ft. building was purchased also in Lancaster. They incorporated in 1997. 

Jim was always a “motorhead” and was introduced to sprint car racing by an employee in the mid 90’s. A mutual friend introduced Diversified Machine to Weld Racing. 

In the summer of 2001 the decision was made to begin the DMI product line. The product line was displayed for the first time at the 2001 Performance Racing Industry show. By 2003, demand for the products was increasing and a new 66,000 sq/ft. building was purchased with a vision for the future. Jim’s innovative ideas along with his employee’s racing experience have helped shape one of the most extensive lines in the industry. In 2004, the decision was made to enter the quick change rear end industry. In just a few short years, Bulldog Rears not only survived, but thrived. In 2009, DMI was named the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Manufacturer of the Year. 

Diversified Machine certainly has grown and it’s been quite a journey. Jim and Tammy always had one goal; to simply be the best. Through their work and dedication, and some great employees, they’ve not only met their goal but continue to work hard every day to ensure their company’s success and legacy.