Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ATQMRA Fueled by VP

June 24, 2017, Lehighton, PA  

Mahoning Valley Speedway Modified Star Kris Graver doubled his pleasure by winning both the ATQMRA Feature and parked his Modified in Victory Lane for the second week in a row.  This makes Graver only the third driver to win in five different divisions at Mahoning Valley Speedway.   Graver was driving the same car Janisch drove to victory at Riverhead with Buddy Sload finishing second in the 36 Spitfire with Janisch rounding out the Podium in the Alan Mollot 51 Badger.  Heat Races were won by Joey Bailey and Janisch.  Next up for the ATQMRA is a trip to the Speedway by the Shore Wall stadium for some wingless flat track Racing Next Saturday.

The front row of Cole Mullen and Joey Payne brought the field to Bobby Stull's Green Flag but it was Matt Janisch who led the first lap from his fourth starting position.  Janisch would hold serve on the field until lap 6 when he would relinquish the lead to the hard charging Buddy Sload in the Colin Martin 36 Spitfire.  His time at the front would only last until Kris Graver made his was from the 10th starting position to second.  He was able to work his way past Sload to lead lap eleven.  Several cautions bunched the field but Graver was able to power away from the field on a late race restart and win by .664 seconds over Sload followed by Janisch in third.  

By winning the race TQ race graver becomes one of only three drivers to have wins in five different divisions at Mahoning Valley Speedway.  Graver also parked his number 01 Modified in Victory lane in the Companion Modified Feature race.  Graver Gave his car owner what is believed to be his first feature win as a car owner with someone else driving his car.  Graver raced the jansich 48 a number of times at Mahoning the last several seasons and was consistently fast and had finishes near the front.  This time he was able to grab the brass ring and earn his first ATQMRA Feature event win.  

The heat races won by Joey Bailey and Matt Janisch.  

Next up for the ATMQRA is a trip to the Speedway by the Shore at Wall Stadium for some wingless flat track racing on that speedways inner flat oval where Flying Ryan Tidman was the winner the last time the club visited Wall.  The club will be back in action this coming Saturday July 1st at Wall Stadium.  

Feature (25 Laps)  1.  48 Kris Graver 2. 36 Buddy Sload 3.  51 Matt Janisch4.  02 Joey Bailey 5.  95 Jeff Kot 6.  Ryan Tidman 7.  461 Geoffrey Sutton 8.  98 Matt Roselli9.  75 Mark Yoder 10.  32 Dave GorbatukAdvance Suspension Award11.  67 Joey Payne III 12.  39 Ronnie Mullen13.  73c Cole Mullen 14.  F8 Dave Williams 15.  (DNS) Razer Sharp Hard Luck Award 73 Austin Fehr

Heat Race 1 (8Laps) 1.  02 Joey Bailey2.  48 Kris Graver3.  73c Cole Mullen4.  98 Matt Roselli 5.  32 Dave Gorbatuk6.  75Mark Yoder 7.  39   Ron Mullen 8.  73 Austin Fehr

Heat Race 2(8Laps)   1.  51Matt Janisch2.  95 Jeff Kot3.  36 Buddy Sload4.  461 Geoffrey Sutton5.  67 Joey Payne III 6.  F8 Dave Williams 7.  1B Ryan Tidman